Jul 29, 2013


I am loving WIll Joseph Cook and his accoustic version of his song Fresh Air. So so good. Surley he is gonna be massive.

Jun 8, 2013


I popped along to a screening of the Arena: AKA Norman Parkinson documentary earlier in the week at the Photographers gallery. Arena were granted exclusive access to the Norman Parkinson Archive, totalling over 350,000 negatives - if only I could get see all those negatives.. mmm.  A must see and most inspiring. It portrays the pioneering english photographers life & career with great affection and remains true to his well loved eccentric character. 

Jun 7, 2013


I popped along to the New World Disorder private view. Dface's first solo in 5 years and the last exhibition to be held in the original Stolen Space gallery. The show featured a number of Lichenstein-esque comic book works of art, alongside a selection of baseball bats, WW2 helmets and skate boards all commenting on consumerism, materialism and social issues. We loved the Dface'd WW2 helmets... very clever.

New World Disorder. Stolen Space gallery. 7th-23rd June, 2013


Ian Tilton championed the Stone Roses in their hay day and photographed them for over 10 years from 1987 up until their last gig in June 1990.

We popped along to his Set In Stone private view and got to view a number of unseen photographs of the group and many iconic shots once again. Not only were we reminded of the groundbreaking Manchester music scene back in the mid 80's,  we then got to dance away the night to a truly incredible set by Mike Skinner. 

May 3, 2013


What fun we had looking at the new Wilfred Wood sculptures. Famous for his model making skills with the classic british show 'Spitting Image', Wilfred unveiled new work driven by his sense of humour and the notion that the human form connects directly with our emotions last night at the KK outlet.

These works are wickedly funny and some perhaps a little disturbing. I loved the sculpture of Paul McCartney with his thumbs up and Simon Cowell trying desperately to fit into those famous waist-high trousers. Too funny. 

Wilfred Woods - Heads x Bodies. KK outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, 3rd May - 27th May 

Apr 26, 2013

I am loving Dolce x Ozzie. And today i got to have a little listen to a sample of their new Semi Wavey EP due out on the 27th. Do what it do...

Apr 23, 2013


You cant beat listening to George the Poet. He brings spoken word/poetry to a new level, by mixing hip hop, poetry & spoken word - he discusses social and political issues, often with a humorous edge. Just what we need in this day and age. So nice to see him perform last night.

Feb 19, 2013

London Fashion Week 2013

What fun I had running around London Fashion Week chatting to the designers, attendees, taking photos backstage and attending way too many aftershow parties and LFW events. The Vivenne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, PPQ and Felder Felder shows were definitely some of my favourite collections.

Some of the highlights were chatting to Arthur Baker who put together the mostly remixed Dr. Dre soundtrack for the Felder Felder show. Interviewing FelderFelder. Meeting & bumping into Kate Nash at nearly every show i attended. Chatting to Jo Wood & Harold Tilman. Jumping around with Vince Kidd. Hanging out with Bruno & Louisa from Terry Poison (An Israeli Electro band) who played at the PPQ after party. Chatting to Vivienne Westwood & taking photos backstage before her show. Meeting and interviewing P'Trique - far too funny. And chatting to the lovely Jetta, a liverpudlian soul singer and songwriter signed to Universal and Polydor - set to be one of the riing stars of 2013.

Jan 22, 2013


We popped along to the Juergen Teller private view and loved every minute of it. Everyone loves Juergen Teller, surely. Considered to be one of the most important and groundbreaking photographers of our generation, he bounces between the art world and the world of commercial photography quite happily and successfully.

On entering the exhibition it was perfect seeing Vivienne Westwood standing in front of her large scale triptych portraits  - turning that part of the exhibition into a piece of art in itself. But we spent the best part of the evening in the room covered from floor to ceiling in photographs spanning his career - every time we thought we had seen and discussed all the photographs we would spy another one we hadn't yet looked at and get pulled back into the charm of the room. 

Juergen Teller: Woo!  23rd january - 17th March 2013. ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

Jan 18, 2013


Being part of the Trolley Books Family. We were devastated to hear about its founder Gigi passing away. To celebrate his life and 10 years of publishing, Trolley Books threw a party to launch their Trolleyology exhibition. We popped along and remembered why Trolley Books is one of our all time favourite publishers and one of the most relevant and important book publishers and art galleries around today. 

Specialising in Art & Photography books, covering social reportage, photojournalism, current affairs, contemporary art and architecture. Trolley Books have worked closely and published the work of several Magnum Photographers and contemporary artists including Paolo Pellegrin, Philip Jones Griffiths. Chien-Chi Chang, Nick Waplington, Damien Hirst and Adam Broomberg.

Trolleyology. Londonewcastle Space, 28 Redchurch Street E2 7DP. 17th - 27th January.

Jan 16, 2013


The Queen of Punk is back, after almost 40 years since the iconic band started in 1974 and 35 years since Brian Aris took his first photograph of Debbie Harry. Proud Chelsea is exhibiting 'never before seen' portraits & intimate polaroids of this timeless 70's icon - with her famous bleached blonde hair & ultimate punk outfits in full effect. All taken between 1977-1988 by acclaimed photographer & personal friend Brian Aris.

Debbie Harry: Queen of Punk. Proud Chelsea. 17th january - february 17th.

Nov 30, 2012


Just finished working on the brand identity for a new digital platform...


You can always rely on Vice magazine to through a good party and their 10th birthday bash was one of the best yet. With Mark Ronson, Crystal Castles & Iggy Azalea performing among others - we had so much fun we hardly stopped jumping around all night.

Nov 22, 2012


Nov 16, 2012


We popped in on Anthony Listers new exhibition. Held across both 'Outsiders' gallery spaces in London, 'Unslung Heros' features Impressionist portraits of after-party revellers, dominated by a red, black & white colour palette. We of course love his combination of elegant figurative art meets street art. However we much preferred seeing these works out & about in East london via the murals he created in the lead up to the show.

Unslung Heros. 16th November - 22nd December 2012. The Outsiders gallery, Greek Street, London.

Nov 13, 2012


Wow. I am loving George Ezra and his beautifully fragile nature & persona. Hailing from Bristol he has an amazingly distinctive tone to his voice (somewhat similar to the kings of leon frontman). Striped back and soulful - everyone was mesmerised by the sincerity & powerful undertones in his acoustic performance.

Nov 9, 2012


Nice to see a selection of street artists paying homage to some of the great artists of our time. We especially loved the Remi Rough painting in honour of Kadinsky - we couldnt take our eyes off the combination of colours and juxta positioning of lines and shapes in perfect harmony.

Urban Masters. Friday 9th - Sunday 19th November at Factory 7, 13 Hearn Street, London

Oct 31, 2012


'Sometimes when you're taking a picture an extraordinary sense of luck and chance takes over and propels you to make a pictures that you couldn't in your wildest dreams have imagined. This is the magic of photography' - Tim Walker

I popped in on the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House - and of course loved it. Who wouldnt be happy wondering around the magical & theatrical world of Tim Walker - where his iconic photography is displayed alongside giant props including a life size spitfire crashing through a fire place, a bumble bee playing the cello and a 15ft children's doll. However i must say, one of our favourite photographs is still the portrait of Tilda Swinton.

Tim Walker Story Teller, supported by Mulberry. 18th October - January 27, 2013 at Somerset House, London

Oct 18, 2012


We just had a sneak peak at the new Shepard Fairly exhibition in the Truman Brewery. A lot of the work is way more simplified and on a smaller scale than the last show we attended at the Truman in London 5 years ago but amazing to see Shepard introduce a number of new techniques into his work - from rubylith cuts to serigraphs on wood - and a somewhat wider selection of colour in some.

Our favourites were definitely the Lichenstein-esque paintings. We Love love love them and would definitely hang them on our walls.

Sound & Vision by Shepard Fairey is on at The Stolen Space gallery & The Loading Bay on Dray Walk from 20.10.12 - 04.11.12

Oct 9, 2012


What an amazing treat to see Liam Bailey perform live and stripped back to a handful of people. We loved his husky voice and bluesy raggae undertones reminiscent of Finley Quaye. His soulful soaring vocals & preacher-esque qualities in "When will they learn' transported us back to 60's Motown & left us speechless. Its no surprise he is signed to Any Winehouse's Lioness Records.