Feb 19, 2013

London Fashion Week 2013

What fun I had running around London Fashion Week chatting to the designers, attendees, taking photos backstage and attending way too many aftershow parties and LFW events. The Vivenne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, PPQ and Felder Felder shows were definitely some of my favourite collections.

Some of the highlights were chatting to Arthur Baker who put together the mostly remixed Dr. Dre soundtrack for the Felder Felder show. Interviewing FelderFelder. Meeting & bumping into Kate Nash at nearly every show i attended. Chatting to Jo Wood & Harold Tilman. Jumping around with Vince Kidd. Hanging out with Bruno & Louisa from Terry Poison (An Israeli Electro band) who played at the PPQ after party. Chatting to Vivienne Westwood & taking photos backstage before her show. Meeting and interviewing P'Trique - far too funny. And chatting to the lovely Jetta, a liverpudlian soul singer and songwriter signed to Universal and Polydor - set to be one of the riing stars of 2013.